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Welcome to Diva, Lex's Trading Card Game collective. If you're playing, use the navigation above to find the TCG you're looking for; if you're new, join us! And say that I referred you ;)

I've been playing online TCGs since December 2007, starting with livejournal TCGs and then discovering the wide world of site TCGs. This trade post's layout currently features D.Va from the game Overwatch.

trading buddies

we have some tcgs in common and you want to be buddies? just ask!

active tcgs

tcg subject updated status
an animanga & game tcg April 19, 2019 active
a korean music tcg April 21, 2019 active
an illustration tcg March 05, 2019 active
an animanga & game tcg April 16, 2019 active
an idol anime tcg January 15, 2019 active

semi-active tcgs

tcg subject updated status
a korean music tcg November 17, 2018 hiatus
an anime character tcg November 12, 2018 hiatus

php tcgs